14 Summer Weeks / by Christina Rosalie

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photo 5Even with the rain, even with the endless, endless rain, summer is here in our green part of the world. The fields are full of wildflowers. The kids are finished with school. The light lingers until late, even under the milky cloud cover.
Summer, especially here, is just 14 short weeks from Memorial Day to Labor Day,and when we blink the leaves will be turning and we'll be buying new pencils and backpacks and pants that are two inches longer than the ones they have now.
And in between, there is this golden time. Busy as it always, yet also filled with moments of delight: marshmallows over the fire and fireflies blinking; hunting for wild strawberries among the wild flowers; popsicles on afternoons and watermelon seed spitting contests; mornings spent camped out in the tree fort with a heap of new library books reading.
Still, if you're not present, it passes in a whir. So make time. Take note. Record the moments. And then share them.

14 Summer Weeks

14 Summer Weeks is all about intentionally making the most of this short summer with our kids. Rather than ideas of how to entertain your kids or just make it through this time of year, 14 Summer Weeks is about going all in for big summer adventures, while also appreciating the small moments that only happen during this time of year with you and your kids.
You know you want to play along. Here are a few ways you can:
1) Write a post on your blog about your ideas or plans for intentional adventure (big or small) with your kids. Share a link back to 14summerweeks.com and they'll feature your post on our blog.
2) Tweet an idea, photo, or other kid summer moment and include the hashtag #14summerweeks
3) Or submit your idea
It will make me so happy to get a glimpse of your summer moments, and I really love this idea--started by my friend Jackson who is the co-founder of Notabli, and the husband of the ever-gorgeous Laura, author of Pregnant Not Fat.