Car pictures / by Christina Rosalie

Took a drive in the late afternoon to see some houses edging the small college town we're into. Still indecisive about buying or building, we met our agent to look at two farmhouses, both too near the road. Strange to walk through other people's rooms, fingering their door knobs, opening their closets. Hanging behind the basement door in the first house was the cleverest little retro tool set. Made for a woman the hammer and screw drivers were small in size with sparkly plastic handles. All the way I kept gulping the landscape up with my eyes. This is why we moved here. This is why we're trying to make it home--despite the long uncertain process of finding what that might look like. I brought the camera, and took a couple shots out the window as the light changed from winter sunlight to dusk, black crows flying up from the fields in flocks, startled.

traffic light

plowed field

dairy farm

yellow house

river bank


windmill moon