37 before 37 / by Christina Rosalie

Here's to the glorious possibility of another year here on this beautiful Earth.
My annual birthday list -- This year it's all about self-care and creative focus and play. I'm especially committed to #3, #7, #19, and #31.  
GoodThingsAreGoingToHappen_ChristinaRosalie-1 1. Strengthen my core. 2. Visit as many museums as possible. 5, minimum. 3. Work slowly and steadily on producing pieces for publication. Let that work inform the slow and steady work of writing my second book. 4. Attend a writing conference. 5. Start swimming regularly again. 6. Spend time on the Pacific ocean. 7. Morning writing, daily. 8. Yoga, daily. 9. Make time to read the Sunday Times in its entirety once a month. 10. Make a driftwood mobile with Bean + Sprout. 11. Write a love letter to each of my boys. 12. Make a sock elephant with Sprout. 13. Read at least 52 books this year. 14. Buy a record player. 15. Make + give away survival packs for the homeless. 16. Send pretty cards for no reason. 17. Finally watch The Godfather. 18. Go to the circus. 19. Make time for doing absolutely nothing. 20. Let miracles happen. 21. Find a mentor. 22. Be a mentor. 23. Set Bean up with an international pen pal. 24. Get a facial. 25. Use a standing desk. 26. Take a paragliding lesson. 27. Go on 12 super sexy dates with my guy. 28. Spend some time out doors everyday. 29. Finally host an interview series on my blog. 30. Paint at least one of big canvasses I’ve had in my studio for years. 31. Get 8 hours of sleep every night. 32. Spend an evening star watching my guy this summer. 33. Have a picnic with friends. 34. Learn a new water sport: kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing. 35. Hike more, with friends. 36. Go bright blonde for a while. 37. Spend an afternoon on a sail boat.