5 things to feed your creative soul this weekend: / by Christina Rosalie

Time 1. Claim an hour for white space. For doing nothing. For thinking. For Writing or doodling or daydreaming.
2. When you first roll over and wake up, write down the first five things that come to mind. No judgement, no editing.
3. Pick something to look for: a word, a color, an object. Record every instance, and notice how many ways simply paying attention attracts what you are looking for.
4. Have a second cup of coffee + linger, reading. (Feedly is my new favorite app for subscribing to RSS feeds. REWORK is the book I'm in the middle of that I most want to finish.)
5. Take a self portrait, shamelessly, gleefully, shyly. It doesn't matters. What matters is looking yourself in the face regularly. It's an act of translation sort of. A bridging of the gap between inner self and outer self. Do you look like you feel?

Do it today. Then do it again tomorrow. Compare notes. If you feel inclined, blog about it, please share a link to your post here. I'd love to see what you discover!