Doing / by Christina Rosalie

Doing so many things, there are hardly enough moments to pause with cup of tea and post and read my favorite blogs. To sum things up for the past few days: * Painted my studio blue this weekend, and rearranged furniture. Today Bean stepped in the drying paint tray and then onto the hardwood floor. "Uh oh, mama! Uh oh!" He wailed. I promptly scooped him up and tried to pass him to DH over the top of my work table. He planted his panted on feet squarely on DH's jeans. Naturally, following the utter rediculousness of this particular train of events, DH tossed his jeans into the sink (as per my instruction--hot wanter will remove latex paint, if treated immediately) without removing his cell phone from the pocket. I'm sad to report it didn't make it, but because we know we're prone to bizarre accidents like this one, we have cell phone insurance, so it's all good.

* Threw some new pots at the studio tonight and finally figured out why my back has been hurting for weeks: hunching over the potter's wheel.

* Signed up for a writing workshop right after school lets out with one of my most favorite authors. Whoo hoo! (I'm not telling whom just yet as I'm still feeling a queasy mix of utter excitment and terror at the prospect of workshopping with someone I so admire.)

* Got back into the groove of things at school today. Suddenly the kids all look tall to me. Like second graders. They get jokes now, and can work independently. It feels good to be here, at this point in the year. To see the product of all my hard work in the faces of my eager kids. We wrote an acrostic poem today that I simply must bring home and post because it is brilliant.

* Mopped the floors for the first time (almost, well, no not almost...really, for the first time) since we moved--over vacation, and did aproximately nine million loads of laundry. DH folded the entire mountain today while I was at work--and put up all the dining room window trim that's been missing.

Whew. I'm sure I've missed a zillion other things but my brain is zinging from a lack of sleep. I miss blogging though. Miss hearing from all of you. What have you been up to, since spring has come?