Happy heart / by Christina Rosalie

A weekend trip south, to Blue Poppy's, to spend time with wonderful Lizardek and her lovely mom, and Elizabeth and her T. Ambling walks in the sunshine with a crowd of golden pups. Every moment filled up with wonder and delight and gratitude: these women come from my planet.

Some days I feel entirely alien to the orbit of people I'm surrounded with at work. People who aren't apt to contemplate karma, or Annie Dillard, or gel matte transfers, or the way light falls on a row of golden gourds on a vintage chest of drawers. But these women, they are brilliant, insightful, generous, and beautiful. They make my heart sing. (BP and I were mistaken for sisters several times, and it delighted me to no end. She is absolutely gorgeous. Inside and out.)

Not to mention is was lovely to sip wine until late and then slumber late without anyone to coax me awake (save for an invitation to see a moose). And also to be fed perfect blueberry pancakes with warm maple syrup and blueberries.