nonsense / by Christina Rosalie

I've been truly miserable the past few days. Drowsy and doubled over with stomach pain. It's not just the nausea, it's the discomfort, the indigestion that is always and forever there. Everything disagrees. And, I'm hormonal.


I watched Dirty Dancing last night. It is quite possibly one of my favorite movies, although I couldn't tell you when I ever watched the entire movie in one sitting. This became evident last night when I broke down into vast hormonal sobs at the scene where Johnny leaves Baby and that song "She's Like the Wind" is playing. Yes, I sobbed.

DH thought I had lost my mind.

BUT. I discovered something then, that was rather momentous. The movie continues! That's NOT THE END. For my entire adult life I somehow have managed to never see the end of Dirty Dancy. Ever.

And so I thought it was a sad movie, and Johnny leaves and Baby is heartbroken...