A Field Guide To Now: What this book is about / by Christina Rosalie

It's a crazy, amazing, surreal thing: to hold your first book in your hands, the book you've spent months writing, and say simply, this is a book about ______________. In this case that fill-in-the blank can be filled with so many things: wonder, heartache, sweetness, jammy little-boy hands, longing, painting, making messes, spilling open, laughter, learning to fly, navigating uncertainty, nurturing a creative practice, growing big within small moments, finding solace, baking bread, living intentionally, and praising the simple utter glory of each singular day.

But simply, truly, I wrote this book you.

Yes you.   It's for...   Anyone who is hungry to be an apprentice to their own abundant life.   Creative, adventurous souls who know the simultaneous tug of wanderlust, and the desire to put down roots and claim a place as home.   Anyone with the desire to discover or reclaim your creative pulse — amidst the overwhelm and distractions and responsibilities in their daily life.   Mamas (and dads) who want to re-locate themselves beyond the boundaries of perpetual giving and neediness and messes and wonderment that raising young children demand.   Anyone with a dream of a creative project or bold undertaking (this book is proof: it's possible.)

* * *

And as we head into the holiday season that is inevitably filled with busyness and rushing about, family and friends, days filled to the brim with making and doing, I hope this book can be a gift for you: of rest and wonder, and also a guide book of sorts, for being in the small ordinary moments, documenting them, and discovering yourself through them anew.