A love letter to you: / by Christina Rosalie

Dear you (yes, you). It’s been a long time coming, this change.

I want to start by telling you how much I adore you. How much your comments and support and emails and questions have changed my life for the better in inexplicable, remarkable, profound ways.

I want to tell you how much I love that some of you have stayed with me since the very beginning, when the word blog wasn’t one people said out loud; and that I appreciate how others of you have found me just recently and have said the kindest most thoughtful things my words here, on twitter, and here in the comments.

It means so much to have your eyes reading; to know that my words and images are, if only in the smallest of ways, igniting in you a desire to embrace your life right now, to the very best of your capacity.

That is what I love to do, more than anything else: to dwell in the mess and sweetness of life as it is, to share it a way that gives of sparks that you can light your own tinder of curiosity with: driving straight to center of your own courage, and claiming whatever story it is that you need to be telling.

And this is what I hope to do more of in the days and the weeks ahead, at a new url.

Mytopography has held for a long time. It has described, accurate, the way my showing up in this space has been my narration of the shape of daily life. Still, as I’ve gradually found my tempo and voice and focus, I’ve found the confines of that title too small. I’m ready to claim my own name, and with it, open the door to some bigger and bolder and more vibrant insights, offerings, narratives and possibilities.

All this to say, sometime this week I’ll be moving my blog over to christinarosalie.com. That way, I’ll be able to keep all the archives here, the accumulated narrative of voice, and magic, and timing. That way I’ll be able to keep the nearly 14 thousand comments you’ve shared with me here. That way there will be a connective thread from the beginning, to what is beginning to emerge.

In the new space I’ll still tell you stories about Bean and Sprout and T and long dirt roads, and the way the seasons arrive, unpacking their many colored quilts of promise: the new tendrils and fragile foliage of spring; the ardent green of summer when the orioles turn the air above the apple trees to streaks of vermillion and gold; and the soon-coming fall when the light slants and tart apples sweeten, and my heart aligns inward with the gravitational tug of the Earth as the night sky spreads with the ink of darkness sooner, and again the longest season starts. Winter, with nights of stars and frost and days of falling snow and introspection.

But I’ll also be sharing more about taking action and creative process. And about mindfulness and motivation, and the alignment of those. I'm also looking forward to making some changes to the overall look and functionality of the site so I can respond to your comments better, so that together we can share thoughts and words and ideas that speak to the bigness of becoming.

Some things to look forward to in the new space:

Another pay-what-you-can studio tag sale! A whole bunch of interviews with some of the artists and writers that inspire me. Book launch festivities! And the launch of an special, bold, beautiful e-course I’ve been working on for a while now.

Stay tuned.

I’m so excited for this shift. I hope you are too!

I'd love to know: what would you like me to write or share more about.

xoxo, Christina

Photos by Thea Coughlin