A Mighty* Life List / by Christina Rosalie

A list of things I hope to do in my lifetime.
Occasionally I go back to it to add a new goal, or mark something as accomplished. Both are incredibly satisfying.
1. Write and publish a book. 2. Take a roadtrip across the US in a camper. 3. Live in Europe for a year; preferably Paris. 4. Drink mint tea in Morocco. 5. Speak fluent French. 6. Learn to dance. 7. Grow a garden. 8. Hanglide or paraglide. 9. Keep bees. 10. Learn to surf. 11. Take a photography class. 12. Write regularly for a magazine. 13. Buy a potters wheel & kiln and throw pots in the garage. 14. Teach creative writing. 15. Complete a sport triathlon. 16. Own a tiny apartment in a big city to sneak away to. 17. Meditate. 18. Learn to kayak. 20. Take a trip to India. 21. Learn to sail. 22. Travel somewhere every year. 23. Grow a rose garden. 25. See the northern lights. 26. Go on a multi-day biking trip with just my guy (again.) 27. Ski Snowboard black diamonds. 28. Go camping in the summer. 29. See the monarch migration in Mexico. 30. Visit Prague. 31. Re-read the great American novels I never read in high school. 32. Build Bean a tree house. 33. Host a dinner party. 34. Find more close friends nearby. 35. Own horses. 36. Speak at TED. 37. Meet as many of my writing heroes as possible (Isabelle Illende, Joan Didion, Elizabeth Strout, Tim Winton, Alice Munro...) 38. Spend a winter in New Zealand or Australia. 39. Make small + smart investments. 40. Visit the Galapagos. 41. Lead life-changing creative spirit workshops. 42. Live on the ocean. 43. Meet Ira Glass or be interviewed by Terri Gross. 44. Live in a house with painted white floors. 45. Get a Round The World ticket and spend 1 year traveling 46. Live in the Pacific Northwest 47. Learn to develop film in a dark room. 48. Go fly fishing. 49. Learn to fish-tail braid my hair. 50. Take a paragliding lesson. 51. Host an interview series on my blog. 52. 
Host a monthly dinner party for friends. 53. Learn to screen print. 54. Paint with encaustic. 55. Spend a week in Iceland

  * Inspired by Mighty Girl I always an on-going list of the big (and sometimes small) things I want to do before I die, tucked into the back of a notebook.

As Tim Brown puts it: "Believing that something is possible, will somehow make it so."

What's on your list?