A morning snapshot / by Christina Rosalie

So far this morning Sprout has.. ...pushed a stool over to the counter while I was in the bathroom, and started swigging maple syrup from the gallon jug. ...found a package of guitar picks and insisted on me opening them, giving him one, and then taking down a guitar for him to play. ...pushed a stool over to the refrigerator, selected a cup, and attempted to fill it with water (he succeeded. I then figured out how to implement the child lock feature. I'm not sure if I can figure out how to undo it.) ...tried to pour the remainder of the water out in the sink and poured it all over the floor. ...found a dishtowel and mopped up said spilled water, muttering to himself all the while. ....stuck a pacifier down his shirt and got it stuck in the leg of his pants. ...put on funny glasses (above) and made hilarious growling sounds, thereby uproariously cracking himself up. ....asked for foamed milk, and then a spoon to eat it with.

I love him.