Adventuring + resilience / by Christina Rosalie

To heck with the rain, with mood swings, with overwhelm, with too much (to do) and also with too little (time), we're going on an adventure.
I'm not nearly as good at doing that as I'd like. In my head I'm a spontaneous rebel, but in my habits, I'm a calculating planner. I like to be prepared: for bug bites, bee stings, and general worst case scenarios and missed connections.
I wasn't always this way. Before kids, way before kids, I went to Europe for a year with my boyfriend, with only $800 hard earned dollars, no credit cards, and no firm plans. Things worked out, though there were many scrapes and close calls.
But now, with kids, I feel terribly vulnerable in a way I can't put my finger on. I feel responsible for everyone else's happiness, and for the possible disappointment. Trying to shake that and relocate the easygoing, resilient vibe I used to have about leaving and uprooting and adventuring.
I'm very curious what a few days on the coast in a tent will do for my psyche and my family. off on an adventure I'd love to hear from my most adventurous readers: how do you maintain a sense of spontaneity and ease adventuring with kids?