Advice, please / by Christina Rosalie

So, here's something about me: I'm shy on first meeting. No one believes me when I tell them that, but it's painfully true. After the first introductions, I'm great. Anyway, why you needed because: down the road a short distance live two teenage girls who I occasionally wave to as we drive past each other, or once in a while, pass running. They look like very nice girls--and definitely potential babysitters. And we NEED a babysitter. Like yesterday. Also, I've talked to their parents once or twice already (and mentioned that we'd love to have their daughters babysit--but nothing came of that casual suggestion.) So here's my question--how should I go about approaching them about babysitting? Call? Stop by? When?

And also--what is the going rate for high school age babysitters? How late can you ask one to babysit? And in general, please provide any other babysitter tips you may have, oh Internets, I implore you.