Advice, please / by Christina Rosalie

Birthday party goodie bags. Yea or nay? Bean is turning 4, and aside from the fact that I am utterly dumbfounded by this fact, we have actually pulled off inviting a few friends to come play with him at our local lake aquarium for an afternoon. On Valentines day, because his real birthday is on Monday.

So anyway, we invited 5 friends and all five have said they're coming, but they've also not formally called and RSVPd. Additionally several have bigger or littler siblings who may or may not be coming. If it weren't for the siblings and the iffy RSVPs I'd be okay with doing goodie bags... but with the current situation I'm not sure what to do.

I miss the days of good old fashioned parties where kids came, played, at cake, and the birthday boy opened presents, said thank you, and everyone went home. Can I re-institute this, or would that be completely uncool.

I so need your help, Internets.