Apparently I've been asking the wrong question... / by Christina Rosalie

Over the past two weeks, before I got here, I definitely whimpered once or twice, "Can it get any worse?" The answer is YES, you idiot. I have mastitis again. For a third time. The worst I've had it. Fever, soreness, the whole works. I'm ready to fully wean, but Bean has been more needy than usual, tossed about in the recent turbulance of our lives, and then there are those four pesky molars. So things have dragged on longer, and this is apparently how my body processes stress.

So much for long luxurious posts while I'm here (I have yet to write about what didn't happen with the marathon) and book reviews (I just read the Mermaid's Chair by Sue Monk Kidd--in a day. I devoured it.) Instead I'll be in bed. Hopefully I'll kick this by tomorrow & I can post some pics of Bean on his tricycle (he can't quite reach the pendals, it's a hoot!)

So while I'm curled up on the couch, I won't dare ask if it can get worse, because I'm starting to understand that it can, and probably will. But don't begin to think I'm depressing, because if you were here in person, you'd know an odd piece of trivia about me: I at a humor high point when I'm sick and/or miserable. Like after being in labor for 18 hours--the nurses were in awe. They kept saying, "We've NEVER seen anyone in such good spirits at this stage." I was cracking jokes left and right--and lord, I had an audiance (I think there may have been 14 people in the room when Bean finally showed his little self to the world). When things are clearly getting worse, I get funny. It's my survival mechanism. Which is actully pretty funny, because I'm generally not that funny at all. Oh dear. You see the state of my brain.