Doing / by Christina Rosalie

1) Grinning because it's a perfect 70 degrees and sunny today, with no haze. The mountains seem close enough to touch---like perfect cardboard cut-outs on the set of a play.2) Planning to make kebabs, red wine & peaches and ice cream for dinner with friends tonight. I'm into cooking lately. Trying new spices (juniper berries & star anise), and loving blush wine (how can anyone not love something that color?) 3) Tiling (finally!) our backsplash with lovely white handmade tiles. A zillion special cuts, cement on my cut-off jeans, and we're one step closer to having a finished house. 4) Wincing when I smile because Bean wacked me in the eye brow with DH's watch this morning. Ow. He thought it was FUNNY when I started to cry. Grr.