exhaling / by Christina Rosalie

The morning light was flecked with falling snow, and few inches of powder already covered roofs and sidewalks when we woke up. I’ve been waiting for snow, and felt like I could finally exhale, my breath lingering whitely in the air. After a long week of fun-house ups and downs, things felt mostly even today. Bean is has gone and started doing adorable things like waving, and offering me his crackers or orange slices, and my heart starts flapping about all wild and goofy when I watch him trying to stand on his own. I catch myself trying to pin point the exact moment he's gone and gotten older, but I can't quite. It's just a blur of almost toothy grins, as he boogies to the music or chases the cats around.

Finally DH and I had a few moments together too, that didn't involve discussing future house projects, our finances, or our son. We sat around covered in icing and listening to Sinatra’s Christmas classics, decorating gingerbread cookies for the people in our lives with kids in theirs, for the better part of yesterday evening.

Today we bought garlands of balsam and spruce to string up around the apartment, and a wreath for the door, and spontaneously, on our way to pick up the greenery, drove out to the house. The road looked like a storybook, with white frosted trees leaning in on each side and lights gleaming from under a layer of snow, on eaves and barns and tall evergreens. It felt good to just drive by and look. To imagine next year, but to be happy right now, with our car load of greens and our drooly, grinning boy.

self portrait in the car

at the christmas tree lot

on the way to our house

my juicy little guy



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