Five random things today / by Christina Rosalie

I want to write, but cannot make my fingers agree with me. Bullet points are easier. Five random things I did in the past 24 hours:

* Tried on almost every single shirt or sweater in my possession and found all to be lacking in one way or another. I hate that.

* Taught first graders about the two body parts of a spider (abdomen and cephalothorax)

* Cried in my husband’s arms in bed from sheer exhaustion and overwhelm (being there in those arms—the best thing that happened all day.)

* Tried to skip a page in Beatrix Potter’s Jemima Puddle Duck while reading to Bean, but got in trouble because he seems to know every freaking word. Of every book we own. Time to get new books, I think.

* Took a walk in the cold wearing a powder blue down jacket and woolen hat. It’s starting to feel almost wintry here.

What did you do today?