Full Moon / by Christina Rosalie

The moon fills the sky with light. According to the weather station, the temperature feels like -15 with the windchill. Ice has formed hard and transparent below the gusting snow on the sidewalks and stoops.

When I was a teacher, full moon days were always the worst. The kids were wild and peevish, and the air would almost crackle with pent up energy.

Now I feel the same angst. All day Bean wanted to be near me, touching me, preferably ON TOP OF ME. And all day I kept going to the door, calling my cat.

Many of you have told such great stories of cats that returned. I hope this will be the case. But with the wild moon, and the plummiting temperatures, I can't help but fear the worse.

I try to remember that this is the way things happen in nature. Without any warning, things shift course. I'm trying to keep up.