Give and you shall recieve / by Christina Rosalie

I have now finished half of the postcards for the swap I organized (of course, they were supposed to be mailed by February 1st, but I'm terrible with deadlines.) You can go here to see them up close. It has been absolutely delightful to make them—each piece is mixed media: watercolor fish with vintage stamps, bits of ephemera, acrylics and varnish.

There is something so freeing about creating little pieces of art and sending them off. A part of me falls in love with each piece I create. A part of me wants to hoard them. But I also believe that there is a principle in the universe that says: give abundantly and you shall receive abundantly. So I continue to send my art out into the world. Little pieces carrying the joy of my soul--and in return I find I am continually showered with a profusion of good things. Sudden opportunities, fresh creativity, new friends, and kind accolades keep pouring into my life. I am so grateful.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the BOBS! Your friendship, your support, and your kind words satisfy a much deeper part of my being than the actual win does. Though I admit, I’m terribly tickled. :)