Glimpses from around here lately: / by Christina Rosalie

I wanted to share a few glimpses from around here lately. Life is finally starting to have the tempo of summer: friends for breakfast on the weekends; running; time with the boys. I relish the weekends more than ever now. They are my time to defragment, to settle, to find the pulse of now among the blooming peonies, or sitting on the couch with Bean as he sounds out words, or watching the goldfinches and rose breasted grossbeaks at the feeder.

This week I'll be in the NYC for a few days at Blog World (for work) and the Book Expo (I finally get to meet my wonderful editor, Mary Norris in person!) That should be an adventure. I'll be tweeting quite a bit, if you're into such things and would like to follow along. And I'm sure I'll be posting photos left and right to Instagram (@christinarosalie). I'm always so inspired by the pace and colors and rhythms of the city after spending time meandering down dirt roads that are lush with green meadows on either side, and the frothy constellations of blackberry bramble blossoms, sweet now, and blooming more than I remember from any other year.

What are you up to this week?