glimpses + books / by Christina Rosalie

A few glimpses of the place where everything happens around here: in the kitchen. I've taken to writing long hand the past couple of days; carrying the chapter I'm working on everywhere, the pages mud speckled and windblown as I try to pull lines of prose together in the thick of things. That's what this life is about, after all. This book too.

Speaking of books, here are a few I cannot wait to get my hands on:

The Recent History Of Middle Sand Lake // Molly writes the blog field | work. Enough said, right? She has an eye with words. A way of noticing. Really can't wait to sink into this collection, like putting my feet in cool lake water.

Delancy // Molly's book A Homemade Life gave me the courage to be bold + simple with food. Butter + raddishes. Chocolate + baguettes. And just as naturally brilliant as these pairings are, so are her words with food. Simply cannot wait for this book about the birthing of the restaurant Delancy.

Contents May Have Shifted // Pam is my hero. My mentor. And the person who made me take my writing seriously. Enough Said.

The Selby Is In Your Place // Because truly, I can spend a whole afternoon perusing The Selby and always, always feel utterly inspired.

And Susannah's yet to be named book, because her words + images fill my soul.

What are you reading right now?