Good times + Art Everyday / by Christina Rosalie

Happy & merry to all of you!

It has been a BUSY week. (Thank you for all the well wishes!) I've somewhat recovered from the most horrible sinus infection/fever combo I have ever had. The word misery does not even serve it justice. Seriously awful.

But, I'm mostly better, and we had a wonderful Christmas. I made baked pears in wine with orange zest and served them with mascarpone, toasted walnuts and chocolate, on Christmas Eve. Delicious. Bean was rediculously cute Christmas morning. Eyes WIDE, wide, wide. We used tissue paper and colorful ribbons to make the unwrapping that much more fun--and it was. He's been playing with his toys non-stop ever since (a wooden kitchen, a Plan City parking garage, lincoln logs and tinker toys were the big ones.)

Yesterday we went skiing and I am finally good enough to not be horrible, and I love the thrill of zipping down the mountain carving great curves in the snow. I'm still pretty terrible, but no longer terribly afraid and that makes all the difference. In fact, I LOVE it. DH also gave me a gift certificate for a climbing class in January, and I am thrilled to get back on the wall. I haven't climbed in years now, and I miss it.

For the month of January I've decided I'm going to do some art every day & post it here. Anyone want to join me? It's so easy over the holidays to get all blurry around the edges. To forget to focus inward, even though I think that's what the heart of wintertime should be all about. I'm looking forward to having a commitment to create something every day, as my life seems to be chronically busy of late, and I've been struggling to stay focused amidst the tornado of things that clamor for my attention daily. I haven't done any art in months, and I miss that part of myself. If you want to join me, respond in the comments and I'll make a special sidebar links for Everyday Art in January.