hello, sunday / by Christina Rosalie

Hello rain and wind and skies torn like shreds of cotton. Hello blue and green, poplar pollen and birch catkins. Hello little boys playing with friends in the sandbox. Hello deadlines.

Oh yes. Deadlines. On them like honey butter on toast today. Still, I wanted to drop in + share a few things I've stumbled into this week that I simply love:

♥ Skinny Love cover by the amazingly talented 14 year old Birdy.

Noise Trade. (More awesome music.)

Over my shoulder by Gracia + Louise.

Little Indian Girl ~ a must read for any mama with a quirky/different/special kid. Oh how I love the way Alegra writes.

What have you found this week that you love? Share please. I need rewards for pushing through the mountains of work that lie between now and next weekend.