Hello sweet August, here are all my hopes + dreams {Just One Paragraph 11/30} / by Christina Rosalie

             ItsInTheDetails_ChristinaRosalieEveryone, all over the world we woke up today to August. And here in the Northern Hemisphere, that shift marks the ripest month of summer: blackberry time, the county fair, picnics along the river. I asked yesterday what your intentions are for this new month, and am going to break paragraph form tonight to write my own list. These are the things I want to manifest from this sweet month:
:: A last hurrah dinner party :: Winning the project (yes, the one that counts the most) :: A new haircut :: Poems read to me by T a blanket in a field of grasses (and maybe also wine + fried chicken + sauteed green beans and orzo) :: The view from the top of the ferris wheel :: A goodbye fire in the backyard :: Collaborating with the boys to print an Instagram book of the things we love about this place that we've called home :: A nighttime walk listening to the owls one last time :: A successful closing :: A successful move (and movers to do the hard part) :: New paint on new walls :: Shopping for school clothes :: Getting Bean's first cello (he'll start playing in the orchestra this year!) :: A new commuter bike :: A new neighborhood to walk in :: A blackberry pie
Also, because Anna said so, here are my favorite posts from last August:
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What are your favorite posts from last August? And really, what are your intentions (and hopes and dreams) for this new month. (Magic happens when you write things down you know.)