HE'S BACK! / by Christina Rosalie

Oh glorious day, he came back! Skinnier, scragglier, and definitely hungry, but he’s here!

DH thought he saw tracks in the back yard shortly after he got back from printing up more LOST CAT posters, bringing me flowers to cheer me out of my gloom. Today I felt like giving up.

“I think I hear Mojo,” he yelled to me from the snowy back porch. “Come quick!”

I sailed over the furniture in my way. I was at the backdoor in a heartbeat.

“There are your shoes,” DH called, “Hurry!”

I ran out into snow in my pink cashmere socks. Sure enough, we could hear Mojo’s signature yowl. He was somewhere. It was faint. DH went out into the driveway, and I went back inside to get cat food.

“I think he’s by the front door,” DH yelled excitedly.

I could hardly move fast enough, pebbles of cat food raining down about my feet from the blue bowl.

And there he was.

He ate for about twenty minutes straight and is now cleaning his paws in his box on the radiator. I cannot quite get words around how happy I am to have him back. But let me say this: thank you to everyone who wrote with such touching stories and positive thoughts. You helped. A lot. And now excuse me while I go pet my cat.