Hmmmm / by Christina Rosalie

Skunks. Dear lord, the skunks. What to do about a skunk living potentially under one's house? There seems to be no clever, scentless way to remove them from one's life. Two days ago we found one IN the chicken coop eating corn off the floor at dusk. DH threw rocks at it, missed of course, sent a rock through the window in the coop. SMOOTH. Yesterday evening he hadn't had quite enough of the rock throwing business and lay in wait a twilight and heaved a veritable boulder in the skunk's general direction. The result. SPRAY. SO. MUCH. SPRAY. I could have told him as much. But boys have a thing with rocks.

As a result, we've been stumbling about in a stinky fog with the windows open, knowing that there is a potentially rather grumpy skunk asleep under our dining room waiting for dusk. Thoughts?