hump day + systems thinking / by Christina Rosalie

By Wednesday night I always feel a little pummeled, like I've been swimming for three days straight, and this week has been particularly intense because T has been away on a trip to California for work and so it's all mama, all the time when the boys are here. Also, Wednesday = six hour straight of class and by the end my mind revolts. Tonight it was all about DVR and recorded Glee episodes (What is it about that show by the way? I want to hate it, but end up kind of digging it every time. Why?) This week I've had a minor breakthrough about myself as a learner. I'm a highly, highly visual learner (right!? Who could have guessed??) But what I didn't realize is that I've overly relied upon my visual capabilities to compensate for organizational shortcomings--and while I can visually tell you where everything is in my studio or on my desktop--once a file gets moved on my computer, I'm at a loss. And truthfully, files are in a state of creative chaos. To make matters worse I harbor unnamed skepticism for burning anything onto a CD and then deleting it from anywhere. But I am determined to reform.

How do you organize your desktop, your photos, your Word files, etc? I'd love, love, love to get some peaks into the way all you creatives organize your work on your computer. Please share!