I just said the following phrase: / by Christina Rosalie

"....but you know that 98% of my daily happiness comes from my laptop," and then I gasped, because I really just said that. And because it's true. I use my laptop more than any other tool: for writing, photo editing, web stuff, music. And tonight after I came out of the bedroom from putting Bean to sleep, it had gone and fried itself. Just like that. Nothing works. It will start, but refuses to run any programs. It sounds like a jet preparing for take off. And me? I'm like an old Datsun spinning in deep mud without it.

So anyway, I'm typing on DH's computer. I hate his keyboard (it feels HUGE because I'm used to using my laptop keypad), and it's in his office, being used all day, so until the situation resolves itself, I'll be forced into an internet sabbatical. Probably I'll be feeling the effects of this more than you will--but still. Feel my pain. Whimper with me.