I know I promised I'd write more / by Christina Rosalie

But it's been sunny and I've been outdoors in the garden. I've decided I want to keep a garden journal here--but I'm afraid if I say so, I'll surely sabatoge my entire attempt. Everything I seem to say I want to do I immediately lose all interest in following through on. Why is that? Anway, I've double dug three long beds--and am currently in the midst of digging mounds for squash, watermellons and pumpkins. My legs itch from using the weed-wacker to cut down tall grass at the edges of the garden, and I'm wearing a big floppy white hat. Why am I posting then, when I claim to be in the midst of gardening? Bean is taking a poop. And dear lord, I still can't figure out how to teach the boy to wipe himself. So I was summoned from the garden with yells echoing from the bathroom. "Mama! I need to be wiped." I am sure the neighbors love that.