Idiosyncrasies / by Christina Rosalie

Allison tagged me yesterday to name a few of my idiosyncrasies. Simply saying idiosyncratic is a delight, so I had to play along.

1. I don't put caps back on things properly. I set them on the tops of jars, but skip the screwing on step. This works fine for me. I've NEVER dropped a jar because of the lid not being screwed in, but my husband and countless roommates over the years have. I also rarely shut cupboard doors. This drives my husband mad.

2. I have really, really long legs compared to my short little torso. Hence, I never have pants that fit quite like I would desire. Sometimes too long, but mostly too short. It doesn't help that I can't be bothered with special dryer settings, or with, god forbid, hanging a special pair of pants over the shower rod. So everything goes on one setting, sometimes to my nicer apparel's chagrin.

3. I can get obsessed with a new favorite food for like, three or four weeks and then can't touch it. Last winter, I loved orange juice. I had it every morning, and every other time I was thirsty practically for about two weeks---even tossing in pineapple-orange, and mango-orange for variety. And then, one day, I couldn't even look at the stuff. Can I just mention how INSANE this made my husband, who kept dutifully buying orange juice for another two months before he realized that there were SIX UNOPENED CARTONS OF O.J. already in the fridge.

4. I like things SWEET. I put 4 raw sugars in a grande latte. I eat honeycomb by the spoonful, and drown my pancakes in maple syrup. That said, I don't really like candy at all, except Swedish fish on occasion, sometimes jelly beans. Chocolate on the other hand, doesn't really qualify as candy and is in my book, a food of goddesses.

5. When I sit at my desk, or in a chair anywhere really, I like to pull my knees up to my chest. My feet are always resting on the seat of the chair, and as long as the weather permits, they are bare.

I am tagging anyone who wants to play.