I'm somewhere else / by Christina Rosalie

I left at half past nine, and followed the sunshine south. Listened to Radio Lab. Did you know dolphins and ducks sleep with one half of their brain at a time? I was fascinated. Listened to a fiesty Niko Case play for a live audiance, and watched as the landscape flattened and the trees became stubby and gnarled. Now I'm here, feeling light headed and wonderous. Ready to take a walk to the beach, and maybe to scope out the local coffee shop before orientation starts in an hour.

I have work to share, but I'm terrified, still. DH read it dutifully and gave the best of advice: you have to start somewhere, and anywhere is good. Especially if you love words as much as I do. And besides, they're not going to eat me alive just because I signed up for advanced fiction when I've only written a handful of fiction pieces in my life. Right? We'll see. I'll be posting a lot this week (no two year old!) I'm interested to keep a record of my emotions as I jump into this. Something I'm drawn to and totally scared of in the same breath. Must be a little how moths feel, fluttering by the porch light.