Little delight / by Christina Rosalie

My silly boy. He LOVES to slurp noodles.

I didn't necessarily get anything more accomplished today, but I feel less worried about it. Things have a way of working out, especially when I allow myself to return to the moment.

I made plans with DH so that I can have some solid hours of writing later this week, and today under bright blue skys Bean and I took a walk.

I was eating an apple---something I rarely do, and Bean watched me in wonder for a bit and then wanted a bite himself. And so we walked: one bite for me, one for him, a couple of steps, repeat. We looked at all the snow, still powdery and white along the edges of the sidewalk. We kicked lumps of frozen snow---his little feet following the intention of his brain with surprising accuracy. We pulled at dried grasses and picked up sticks.

It took us about twenty minutes to walk the length of our block, and I felt lighthearted and glad to be outdoors holding his little hand. Moment by moment, things have a way of working out.