masthead / by Christina Rosalie

Time for a new masthead. I have no clue what I'm doing, but sometimes it is utterly satisfying to spend several late-night hours playing with photoshop. If I knew what half the tools did, just think how smokin' I'd be! Here are a couple of older mastheads that I've had up. Today: breakfast out, somewhere, because there is neither milk nor bread in our empty, empty fridge. Then to the craft store to buy frames for the last of my paintings to go up in the show, if I'm still allowed to hang them--tardy as I am with the whole thing. Somehow, I really did manage to forget all about it. Oh, and before I forget, check out the new gallery format I'm trying. Better. Not great, but better, right? Anyone want to design me a real one? Pretty please?

One more thing, Bean's second birthday is coming up in a month. I want to have a fun little shindig for some of his little toddler friends, and their parents, but I'm worthless at envisioning such events. Help. What are some good, low-stress, fun things to do at a two-year old's birthday? (There may not be snow...there should be snow, but the weather has been wacky this year!)