Monday, Monday / by Christina Rosalie

IMG_6004-1 Hi Monday. What are you up to today?

There was 91% humidity when I woke up this morning. Clouds heavy and thick, threatening thunderstorms, then sun. A trip to the river is in the forecast today, for sure.

This weekend was all about out-of-town friends, hanging out around the bonfire in the back yard, roasting marshmallows and sipping summer beer. We spent the evening talking about heady, esoteric things like love and the evolution of technology.

I love conversations like these that loop and spiral and press at the edges of what we know. We talked a lot about the state of the world, about the future, and about power. I am very interested in the idea of power right now. It's a theme that keeps coming up in my new novel, unbidden and determined to be there on the page.

What do you think it means to have power (and how is this different than to have money)?

* * *
Also, some lovelies I perusing this week that I wanted to share:

This gorgeous daily record by the author of Lobster & Swan. Isn't it a great idea? I think I may steal it, and try it out in my moleskine this week. I always see images I love, and never end up doing anything with them. Nothing some paste & a date stamp can't fix, apparently. In a similar vein, this 'savings account' of daily inspiration is also absolutely lovely and full of goodness.