Monday's inspiration + a question / by Christina Rosalie

Hi Monday. It's briefly sunny and everything seems to be yelling about it: finches and woodpeckers and chickens. In the honeysuckle at the front of the house, hummingbirds.

Today: a run, reading a story or two, taking Sprout for his 5 month check up*, transplanting a peony bush, and quite possibly some baking. Also writing. Always, always that.

Here are a few links I found this weekend that I am crushing on:

These photos of the Holland Flower Auction that almost make me want to weep. I'd give a lot for an armful of roses right now, or tulips.

This Joy + Ride. A gorgeous little journal with interviews featuring artists and writers and all kinds of delight.

And this delightfully terse blog with beautiful photos.

(* An update to come on my beautiful, sweet Sprout.)


Now an question for you (that will help me enormously on a story I'm writing): What were you like as a teenager? If you share, I will. And maybe I'll even post a pic or two.