NaBloPoMo is kicking my butt / by Christina Rosalie

I have nothing to write about today because anything I actually want to write about would take far longer than the 1.4 minutes I have left to post before bed. The time, where does it go? EVERY DAY is like this. I've been bucking against the idea of waking up earlier in the morning to write--but I just got my Pam deadline today, and I have to have a whole lot more written by Decmeber 2. So. Up early seems to be my only choice. Seriously, I want to know: how do you manage your day? Especially those of you who write--how do you work that time in? How do you make it all happen? I'm feeling kind of crazed about it all right now. I keep wishing I could wake up one morning and have time be the way it was back in high school, or even better, like when I was nine.

Remember that? The way it took forever to get to Saturday? The way the weekend lasted forever? The way an afternoon could be all day. What happened to that? What's with all the business? And holy crap, how is it possibly almost Thanksgiving?