NaBloPoMo Redux / by Christina Rosalie

It's that time of night where I feel my bones become heavy, and I can neither make myself get up and go to bed, nor do anything constructive here at the keyboard. The stories are mostly tatters anyway, but I'm using this month of NaBloPoMo to really hunker down and write. I've been thinking about spending more time capturing the 'glimmers' of every day. The small shreds of story I overhear; the scenes that present themselves. Usually I overlook them, trusting my faulty memory to hold the small bits of scene in place until I wearily find my way to the keyboard. But it never turns out that way. I end up never sitting down. So for me this month will be one of recording details; glimmers; taking note of the small, unremarkable, bright shards of day that become story when wedged back to back. It will be a record of autumn turning towards winter: the hills washed suddenly gray with the first hard rains. The field in the morning dusted with frost. The dry heat of the wood stove filling the kitchen with snug warmth, and the moon as big and perfect as a dinner plate rising up golden over the crest of the hill.

What do you want to take note of this November?