Noticing colors, and a list / by Christina Rosalie

Tomorrow is my last day of school for the year! I'm so thrilled, I'll even go hobnob with my colleagues at the local watering hole, though that typically isn't my thing. I'm so ready for weeks on end of writing time and Bean time and garden time. I've been operating like a jigsaw puzzle, pieces tumbling about inside the cardboard box. I'm ready to fit things back together again.

Tonight a sunny cafe dinner with just Bean. Watching 'big rigs' and trucks drive by; slurping fresh tomato basil soup from a wide silver spoon. Then sharing an ice cream cone and watching him zip static-headed and grinning down the slide at the playground again and again.

Armloads of peonies. Such a heady, delicate scent. Pure decadance.

A stomach full of butterflies about the impending workshop; but also: a week of sleep and open beaches and new possibilities and time to write.

And I'm sorry I've become one of those bloggers--so irregular with my posts you barely want to stop by. I can hardly wait to come here regularly {I have a dozen GREAT posts all written in my head, I swear!} and share and rant and follow my whimsy.