OCTOBER'S LIST / by Christina Rosalie

Happy October! This is the month where fall actually feels real to most of us in the northeast. When leaves heap up high, and kids sink into piles, chest deep and giggling. It's the month of all things pumpkin. Of cider doughnuts, hot coffees, and the first of many mornings cold enough to see our breath. Since I'm obsessive about lists, and totally inspired by Irene's fabulous sidebar lists, are some things I'm into this month:

* Starting a bookgroup. What we're reading: classic contemporary lit we all kinda think we read but have forgotten, or maybe never read and just thought we did, or know we haven't read but should. First up: Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller.

* Reading our new camera manual cover to cover so that I know how to do all sorts of nifty things like astrophotography, macro pics, and self timed shots, so I can do red currant’s awesome October SPT life documentary challenge.

* Learning to knit---I'm terrified I'll still be terrible at it like I was in fifth grade (the last time I gave it a whirl), when everyone had to make mittens in handwork class and mine had monstrous thumbs. This time, I'm going to start with something simple & straightforward: a knit-purl blanket out of super soft wool for Bean. I'm eyeing the gorgeous knitting needle rolls that Nikki Shell makes.

* Trying some yummy new recipes. I'm looking at Traveler's Lunchbox and Chocolate and Zucchini, and Delicious Days for foodie inspiration.

* Making art with my son; doing pen and ink drawings for Everyday Matters; exploring digital collages like Dreamy via the Garden; looking for design inspiration in the world around me like Poppy, and branching out into new terrain in my art journal with some more mixed media collages like Joleen. I'm also finding arty inspiration at: paperheart, boygirl party and ryan garber