ODE Magazine / by Christina Rosalie

Progressive, pragmatic, and full of ideas that matter, ODE is a magazine with an optimistic edge. Though it is sometimes funny and always well written, I don’t come away from reading it with my mind at ease. Each issue makes my head spin. I read to be made more conscious of the choices and beliefs I bring to daily life. I read to discover ways I can affect positive change in my community. From an article on Non-verbal communication strategies developed by Marshall Rosenberg came these ten points, which I promptly cut out and taped to my wall.

1. Spend some time each day quietly reflecting on how you would like to relate to yourself and others.

2. Remember that all human beings have the same needs.

3. Check your intentions to see if you are as interested in others getting their needs met as you are in meeting your own.

4. Before asking someone to do something check to see if you are making a request or a demand.

5. Instead of saying what you don't want someone to do, say what you want the person to do.

6. Instead of saying what you want, say what action you'd lik the person to take.

7. Before agreeing or disagreeing with anyone's opinions, try to tune into what the person is feeling and needing.

8. Instead of saying "no" look at what need of yours prevents you from saying "yes."

9. If you are feeling upset, think about what need of yours is not being met. Think what could you do to meet it, rather than about what's wrong with others or yourself.

10. Instead of praising someone who does something you like, express your gratitude by tellng the person what need that action meets.