officially freaking out / by Christina Rosalie

I've mentioned before how scheduling isn't particularly a strength, and though I do own a calendar, I don't seem to know how to use it. I've been going through this week happily thinking I had the ENTIRE WEEK of winter vacation (next week) off to work on my grad school application (20 page manuscript, shudder, cough) but um, it's due on MARCH 1st which is actually in the middle of next week. Crap. Um. So. I need you all to cross your fingers for me and tell me nice things and forgive my absence a possibly give me critical feedback if I get up the guts to post any of the work I'm submitting (some of the original ideas came from here actually.)

Can you do that? Because right now I feel like I totally suck and I have to teach two more days and I feel like I'm coming down with the stomach flu and by tonight I'm supposed to do wildly impossible things like email one of my profs from college a 'statement of purpose' so that he can write a recommendation that's up to date. Yipes. The stomach ache doesn't help things. And seriously, why the fuck wasn't I able to actually LOOK AT THE CALENDAR, before assuming I had 10 days to get this done, when really I have, oh, FOUR. Oh, and I have to be observed teaching tomorrow and I haven't written up the plans for that (part of our yearly eval process.) Crap. crap. crap.