One of the many uses for the laundry basket around our house: / by Christina Rosalie

6 days old 6 months old

I know I've been a bit picture-heavy in my last few posts, I'm a bit stunned with how quickly Bean is growing & changing (daily, hourly.) He's starting to crawl--he can get his feet up under his but now, and get fully up into a crawling position, and he then he just sort of hangs out there, rocking back and forth and grinning. It's adorable. And also terrifying. At least the cats are terrified. They know their days are numbered. They see the glint Bean gets in his eyes every time they pass.

Bean loves to sit in the laundry basket and play with things--and by play, I mean pound a wooden spoon onto the edge of the basket. Yes, he's discovered that HE can MAKE NOISE that isn't roaring. Which he is still quite superb at.

When he was newborn, I started putting him in the laundry basket out of desperation when I needed to pee (or take a shower) and wanted him with me. It was such a great, easily transportable (and totally cost effective) solution to the whole fancy-pants bassinet idea.

All this to say, we have to lower his crib mattress tomorrow. And then childproof the house. Any tips?