Morning Poem # 6 / by Christina Rosalie

Patience is granular like sugar, and every child hungers for it the same way that tongues crave sweet, darting out from parted lips, darting like small boys into traffic or towards sharp sticks, always used with the poorest of judgment (which is also how wars begin)

and if it had color, it would be milky and soft, and quite the opposite of the vermilion rage that springs with sudden heat and sting like a rash along the slender, tender curve of a throat provoked for the hundredth time by the lollygagging, jelly-boned determination to find exactly where the line is drawn;

and it is feeling the clean hard click of teeth meeting and words held or shoving fists into pockets or maybe after gripping a sticky palm a little too hard, it is to inhale again softly and notice the way the chickadees have returned to the woods, and how the light is mellow like honey in a jar