Perfect / by Christina Rosalie

A sublime autumn day. Blue skies without any clouds, and the leaves all gold and red and brown glowing as though they were illuminated from within. After last week of never feeling caught up, this was what I needed: time with Bean outdoors, clambering over fallen logs, collecting bright red leaves, picking apples.

Time to really watch this little boy of mine who is growing so fast—who is talking now in two word sentences. Under his Gran’s tutelage he has become an aficionado of all things nature: he eats wild apple after wild apple, puckering up his face at their tangy, bitter sweet. He gathers acorns, and picks dandelions, and climbs rocks with ease. Today he followed our cat into the woods, farther than he’s ever gone before—a good acre away from the house. He climbed over the old stone wall that zig-zags in and out of the trees and found a woodchuck’s burrow which he promptly filled with leaves. Then he straddled a fallen birch, and sat there contended for a while, as the cat slipped off into the dappled sunlight further up the hill. Here are more pictures from our day.

Last week I didn’t have any of these moments of simple pleasure. Without my weekend (we were in NJ) everything collided every day, leaving me exhausted—unable to climb out of the stress and into the beauty of now. But with today, I feel efuled, and, after spending the past two hours writing lesson plans for the week, feel excited to jump in again. I just wish, somehow, that I could get a thirteenth hour every day. Wouldn’t that be great?

What would you do with a thirteenth hour?