Plout = Purple Lipped Trout / by Christina Rosalie

It appears that in my last post I called the delightful plumy apricot concoction my son loves so much a plout. Blackbird kindly clarified that a plout is in fact a Purple Lipped Trout. (You will have to ask her how she knew this amazing information!) It seems that our small family has developed its own vernacular. Both DH and I are glib and silly when it comes to words. We make words fit, where no words do. Things have names in our house that we give them carelessly, in scattered moments when the right name wont come, and for some reason, they stick.

Such was the case with the plouts. We started by calling them ploots. Then, realizing there was a "uo" in the spelling, we began calling them plouts, recklessly without noticing the "uo" spelling. We sang many a rendition of "plout, plout, let it all out, these are the plouts we are talking about, come-on!" You get the idea. (Bean of course, thinks we are hysterical and rewards us with the most exquisite peals of laughter we'll do just about anything to get more.)

Interestingly when I was looking for links about pluots so that the general blogosphere could be informed, I googled "plout" and was perturbed to come up with a whopping 59,700 searches including that word---but most of them unfortunately, a) had nothing to do with the fruit in question, b) were written in a foreign language, or c) were fan sites for the Greek biographer Plutarch.

Incidentally, when PLUOT is correctly googled, it procures only 39,000 searches, most of them actually having to do with said fruit.

The funny thing is, not one search for PLOUT led me to the amazing PURPLE LIPPED TROUT, so I was forced to go obscure reefs with my watercolors and brushes to procure a specimen.

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