Today as a (totally bummer) postcard: / by Christina Rosalie

I woke up late this morning. In the night the power had gone out and my alarm clock was blinking 3:45. I was late to a staff meeting.

The children were needy, needy, needy today.

I came home to a missing rooster who had been chased down the road to my neighbor's house (several hundred yards away) by their daughter's dog. He was dazed and missing tail feathers but alive. I caught him and tossed a sheet over his head and carried him back up the hill in my lap in the passenger seat of the car.

I ate soup with my mom tonight, just the two of us at her place, and felt deeply grateful to be cared for.

I keep forgetting where I've put things: a sign of too-tiredness. I can't find the notebook I use to keep my lists. I've seen it and can remember seeing it but cannot remember where. It is maddening.

How was your day?