Saved by a meme / by Christina Rosalie

I was tagged with a meme for 7 random things about me, and since it is Thursday night and I'm exhausted, but I'm stubbornly not quitting NaBloPoMo, a meme is all you get: * I'm a stomach sleeper.

* I feel guilty because I have never put photo albums together for either my wedding, or Bean’s first year.

* I have a weird, bordering on frenzied, dislike for any lettuce or leafy green that becomes black and slimy.

* I contributed to NPR for the first time this year, and felt very pleased with myself.

* I get nosebleeds in the winter time.

* I've been in bars, but I've never sat at the counter and ordered a drink or carried on a debaucheries conversation with a hot bartender.

* In high school and college I was a swimmer. In the past year I’ve been in a pool exactly once. This depresses me.

What are 7 random things about you?