Self Portrait Challenge #1: An introduction / by Christina Rosalie

Kath created a brilliant new Self Portrait Challenge Site, and in honor of it's creation she has challenged us to 'introduce ourselves.' Before I knew you...

there were several ill advised months as a red-head, an adolescence in love with the surf; whole days spent in the my bike saddle following the black ribbon of road up to Canada, or later, along the crumbling edge of northern California, with the pacific right below us.

we stayed out late, and sleep late; could make love any time; skip breakfast entirely, do nothing all day Saturday.

and later, there was the everyday collision of wonderment and exhaustion, my love spread out across the need of so many hungry little hearts with not enough attention at home, teaching words, and poems, and numbers and kindness.

and there were afternoons tossing a frisbee, or playing chess, or walking with our lanky English Shepherd who’d roll on command and was afraid of the water.

then you, making a space in my belly and then in my heart

and now I know you and I am different in a hundred ways.