Self Portrait Tuesday: Reflective Surface # 4 / by Christina Rosalie

This is me doing my long lanky leg thing in the dual mirrors in my inlaw's bathroom. I've always been told I'm a bit of a gorilla because my legs and arms seem to be disproportionately long in comparison to my body. And to capture a reflection of myself, in a reflection of myself, I had to do a fair amount of contorting. Like trying to write using a mirror, I kept bumping into walls expecting my body to be going in the direction of my reflection. Sometimes I feel a bit like this, especially after not having a minute to myself in a house full of second generation Italians, a first generation Korean and a baby—-as though the different pieces of me bump up against themselves, and at the end of a day all that’s left are a few disembodied thoughts that don’t quite sum me up, but almost do.

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